1. Smelting


About Smelting

Smelting allows for weapons to be reforged once at their limit
letting them be enhanced even further!
Succeed at Smelting, and the Level limit and Attack Power will be greatly increased.
It's also possible to increase Attack Speed, lower CT, or add various other effects.

The flow of Smelting

Strengthen a weapon to its limit.
Check here if you need more information about Strengthening.

Once at its maximum,
forge it with another copy.

Raise the Success rate with items,
or use one that prevents loss of the materials in case something goes wrong.

*Items can raise the Success Rate, but
not over 95%.

Select the Artisan Option to add bonuses, such as smelting success rate increase or skill evolution


As the level rises, many powerful Options become available. Also, the better the Grade, the more Attack Power will rise.

After Smelting, enhance the weapon to the pinnacle of its might and Smelt it again!