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Character (You)
You are an Oni, from a land far removed from the world, "Onigashima".
Now a beacon of tourism, you train daily in its idyllic surroundings.

Yet your peaceful life is disturbed by the fearsome "Kamigui", and their revival. Now, you must leave your home, and see the wider world.
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Lady Shizuka VoiceKirimura Mari
Special Ability
  • Identification
    Makes it easier to find better weapons.
  • Fortune
    Increases Grade of Identified weapons.
  • Inventory
    Increases maximum Inventory size.
Daughter of the Shogun, a veritable princess, she fled the strict house for Onigashima.
Always cheerful, and ready to help others, she can be a bit stubborn.
Possess a strange ability to see the true nature of things...
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Yoshitsune VoiceMatsui Eriko
Special Ability
  • Grinding
    Increases Success rate and Value of Weapon Enhancement.
  • Swordsmith
    Raises Grade of Smithed weapons.
  • Repair
    Increases success, lowers durability loss of Repairs.
Warrior charged to protect the Shogunate, she came to Onigashima to find Lady Shizuka.
Normally very strict with herself and others, she has a soft spot for Lady Shizuka.
Never doubts the righteousness of her sworn duty to the Shogunate.
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Miroku VoiceKuwahara Motoshi
Special Ability
  • Array
    Increases the range of goods.
  • Stock
    Increases available amounts to purchase.
  • Negotiation
    Rarer finds become more available.
A quite successful wandering salesman.
He's a well known face all over the country, and is quite popular, too.
Seems to know a lot of hidden paths, and hard to hear information.
Says his reason for wandering is simply to make money...
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Ibaraki Douji VoiceHonda Manami
Ibaraki Douji
Special Ability
  • Sommelier
    Increases range of stock, and improves resistance to Drunkenness.
  • Bottle Collection
    Increases the number of Bottles you can have at one time.
  • One on the House
    Raises the quality of drinks shared with you.
Oni who runs a rare travelling liquor store. Often thought to be a cat Youkai, but those ears are actually her horns!
She honestly would rather drink than chow down, and her favorite is Catnip Liquor.
She is always bright and cheerful, but it seems she still searches for someone...
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Momotarou VoiceOotsuka Tomonori
Special Ability
  • Evolution Essentials
    Increases the ability to Evolve Skills.
  • Extraction Essentials
    Increases Skill Extraction ability.
  • Tempering Essentials
    Increases Skill Lvl Up Speed.
A famed warrior and legendary hero who drove away the Oni.
Lost to bloodlust during his hunt, he went on a rampage, killing mercilessly.
Now, all he cares about is killing Oni, his own strength, and bugs. Oh, seems he likes frogs and lizards too. But no cats!
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Kaguya VoiceNoda Ayumi
Special Ability
  • Superb Craft
    Increases the Grade of Crafted Magatama.
  • Superb Enhancement
    Increases the Options that may be attached to Magatama.
  • Superb Dissolution
    Becomes easier to recover materials from Dissolved Magatama.
Mysterious girl whose speech is hard to get. Good luck telling what she is thinking about, either! For some reason, she keeps one eye hidden...
Lived and was raised with Queen Himiko and Nashime, where she learned the arts of Magatama.
You can find her spending her time apparently staring off into space, but she calls it "using THE WEB", whatever that means.
She just really is quite different from everyone around.
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Susanoo VoiceNishihara Shougo
Special Ability
  • Fame
    Increases List size, and rate of Rare challenges.
  • Indestructible
    Improves Battle Ability of other Partners.
  • Rampage
    Allows for entry into Special Areas.
Mighty god of war, and brother to Amaterasu and Tsukiyomi.
Has had his magical power stolen from him, and is unaware of his true nature.
The chrysanthemum on his shoulder is no accessory, but actually grows. No matter how much he tears it away, it keeps blooming!
Though quite calm now, once upon a time, he would go completely ballistic in response to his sister being mischievious. He still fondly remembers her face from those times, though.
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Amaterasu VoiceIshikawa Mai
Special Ability
  • Nigimitama
    Adds a bonus to Player Abilties.
  • Sakimitama
    Adds a bonus to Partner Abilties.
  • Flowering
    Increases Succession titles.
Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu Oomikami.
Chrysanthemum where she stands, peony where she sits, and 100 flowers bloom where she walks... Or so it was before being trapped in this form when a Great Seal was shattered.
Though reduced in power, her concern over her duties has not changed.
Easily distracted by the joys of humanity, when it comes to duty, she is more than proper in carrying it out.